innovation and business

I am passionate about open innovation and business models, specifically how to innovate business models to embrace new markets, new channels, new products and services, new customers and customer segments.

Focus on execution
I help niche companies to organic growth.
I am a strategic business developer with 11 years international experience that contribute value to companies, which are about to implement a growth strategy or undergo a business transformation.
My industry experience is within Logistics, Airline catering, IT, B2B services, MedTech, GreenTech and Public. Lately I have gained experience within Venture Capital. As a professional board member I target niche companies within IT, Advertisement and GreenTech.

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Vi har lavet mange hjemmesider og webdesign for både store og små firmaer over hele Danmark. For os beliggenhed ligemeget. Online markedsføring og webdesign kræver ikke en fysisk placering, men derimod de rigtige evner indenfor området. Herunder er nogle af de byer vi har lavet professionelle hjemmesider og webdesign for: